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how to use a ouija board

  • don’t

for real tho how would you like it if you were a spirit. minding your own business. doing spirity things. and a bunch of teenagers bug you to ask you shit like “does justin have a crush on any of us”. like who the fuck is justin. why should you care. you do not care. you are trying to peacefully spend your afterlife as best you can. fuck that board. fuck those kids. fuck justin

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12 ways to Self Care
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Words of Emotion
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this is possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen


my dad just yelled up the stairs “CHLOE DID YOU KNOW THE WEATHERMAN WAS GAY I DIDNT KNOW HE WAS GAY HE JUST GOT MARRIED TO HIS BOYFRIEND” and i was like which weatheman are we talking about here and he said “THE BLONDE ONE WITH THE SHARP HAIR CUT AND THE TIGHT PECS AND THE HOT ASS BODY” dad is there something you want to tell me

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